How to write a textual analysis


•A short summary of what happens
•How is the story driven? Linear/Non linear
•How is time shown? E.g Jump cuts, montage

GENRE – Sci-fi, horror, drama, thriller, comedy (look at the codes and convention)

TYPE OF EDIT – Jump cut, straight cut, eye line match, cross cutting etc.

CINEMATOGRAPHY – edit, camera angles

AUDIENCE – age, gender, lifestyles, preference in genres

AUTERISTIC FEATURES – e.g Tim Burton: Dark, gothic look, slighty disengaged/misunderstood characters, works with Johnny Depp and Danny Elfman (score), images of stripes, dogs, circus.

DIALOGUE – what does it say about the characters, how does it drive the narrative forward

STYLE – e.g Tim Burton: Gothic/Film noir/German expressionism

SOUND – diagetic (on screen)/non diagetic (off screen), music

STEREOTYPES – Gender, sexuality, social class, ethnicity, disability, equality

 OTHER KEYWORDS ____________________________________________________________________________

Artificial Light – A source of light created by lighting equipment, rather than from natural sources. (Film noir/German Expressionism)
Convention – a frequently used element which becomes standard.
Disequilibrium – the period of instability and insecurity in a film’s narrative. (The Matrix: Neo discovers The Matrix… thats where the story begins)
Enigma – the question or mystery that is posed within a film’s narrative.
Equilibrium – a state of peace and calm, which often exists at the beginning of a film’s narrative.
Framing – the selection of elements such as characters, setting and iconography that appear within a shot.
Iconography – the objects within a film that are used to evoke particular meanings: The pram on the steps in Battleship Potemkin (1925) or The Untouchables (1987) suggests that there is a failure in society for young people, the stairs shows the decline of the chance of a uptopian future. 
Intertextuality – reference within a film to another film, media product, work of literature or piece of artwork: spoofs



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